Let's Read It: "Hell To Pay"

In this riveting suspense thriller, the next corner you turn might just lead straight to hell…

Teaser: Detective Michael Bailey is a man haunted by the past and tormented by the present. As an officer of the law it’s his job to protect those in his city. Then why have things gone array? Failures tend to find Bailey at every turn and each crime he cannot bring to justice, each life he is unable to save, becomes another nail in his coffin. The only thing that seems to be left is the bottle, but even alcohol has long become something Bailey can’t handle. As the murders continue to pile up one man, George Graham, keeps ending up on the short list of suspects. Is he really just a middle aged shop owner living out his days in solitude after the death of his mother? Or is it more likely that George simply can’t control himself, can’t take the agony of his rejections and shortcomings? Something is lurking beneath his exterior and it’s more sinister than anyone can imagine…

Why you’ll Love it: Hell to Pay” is a story that skips the flowery lead in and dives right in. It’s a lengthier read and well worth spending a few afternoons with. A suspense thriller intricately weaved with supernatural; the novel will have you questioning everything you think you know about reality.  “Hell to Pay” is frightening, with demons, and ghosts and shadows lurking around each corner. It is heavy on all of its aspects, drama, tension, and action, which truly make this into a memorable tale.

Did I like it? : I found the novel particularly enjoyable as a suspense, thriller buff myself, “Hell to Pay” makes an excellent addition to my book collection. I felt like the author really knew where he was going with the story from beginning to end and each part left me wanting for the next. The stranger the story became the more I found myself wanting to know more. Bailey is a fantastic lead, and I felt that author made good use of the supporting characters. Antagonist, George, was perhaps my favorite; I could figure him out in the beginning, and I was completely enthralled with what he developed into.

Favorite Quotes:

“Yes. That God is dead and this is it. I‘ve heard junkies talking about how this is really Hell and that straight people are too stupid to realize it.”

“Be good boy, the devil‘s looking for you . . . and sent his hound to find you.”

Caveats: This book is for adults, contains adult situations, and violence.

Overall Rating: 5/5


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