Let's Read It: The Earle's

A dark tale of a twisted family and the innocent people who become their victims…

Teaser: Carolyn is a young, beautiful, successful woman with a loving husband and her entire life ahead of her. However, her future quickly begins to look bleak when she is taken hostage in the unforgiving back woods of her town by a warped family with devilish intentions. The Earles are keeping more than furnaces and equipment in the basement. They’re holding women captive and Carolyn will have to avoid becoming the next one to meet her end at their hands.  Schizophrenic, Phoenix, along with hot tempered mother and father enjoy using their imprisoned as prey but Carolyn along with fellow captive Greta will give them the hunt of their lives. It will soon become clear that winning this game of torture and terror won’t an easy victory for either side, when Carolyn finds herself fighting for the most important asset she has, her life.

Why you’ll Love it: “The Earle's” is dark, gritty and a little gory. As a thriller it’s got nearly everything going for it. The introduction of the crazed family is well written, there’s an immediate sense of what we’ll be dealing with for remainder of the story. You meet a family that doesn’t seem quite right and then directly after you meet the young woman tied up in the father’s pickup. The sense of fear is instant and overwhelming.  The pace is just right and urgency and desperation of the characters really shines through, an enjoyable thriller for genre aficionados and newcomers alike.

Did I like it? : I found “The Earle's” to be an exhilarating read.  The story is a fine edition to this genre.  It kept my attention and there were no moments where I felt like the story had fallen completely flat, or that the author was trying to compensate for lack of substance with filler. Just when you start to feel safe again, one of these thrillers makes you look twice at every person you meet.

Caveats: This story is adult, it includes violence, references to torture and the overall theme may not be suited for younger readers.

Overall Rating:  3.7/5

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