Let's Read it: Deconstructing Infatuation

Deconstructing Infatuation” will have one rethinking the old phase, “love will make you do crazy things”. It is infatuation that leads us spiraling downward into the unknown, running face first with our eyes closed.

Teaser: Helene is a woman not terribly different from any other. She has a career, as a literary agent, an annoying roommate, and a steady boyfriend; her life is coming along as planned. However, when her roommate, Marleen, sublets a room in their apartment to an attractive man, Tiziano, Helene faces the ultimate test of her fidelity.  Charming, good looking, and new, Tiziano quickly captures Helene’s attention. His presence further highlights the shortcomings of her with relationship with boyfriend Mark. Helene is torn between the man she has a long standing bond with, and the fiery connection that could be with Tiziano.  Can Helene remain faithful? Or will she succumb to intriguing allure of the sultry stranger.

Why you’ll love it: “Deconstructing Infatuation” is a short, lightening fast read, but it gets the job done. Despite its description, the story is not too heavily bogged down in drama, and the author makes excellent use of humor. The lighthearted parts make a fantastic contrast to the main character’s trials. The story isn’t merely a tale of adultery, it examines the rush of emotion and perhaps irrationality that comes with infatuation.  

Did I like it? : The short answer is yes. As a rational creature I found myself angry with Helene’s character. How could someone be so instantly fascinated with a stranger, that they are willing to sacrifice a relationship they’ve put time and effort into? Perhaps this question arose because I’ve never been infatuated in such a manner. I think other readers will be asking themselves the same thing. I found myself loathing the way, the protagonist, Helene, behaves in the story mainly because her change is so sudden. However, life is something that changes suddenly and upon further evaluation, I feel that the character’s and situation are fairly realistic. A book which forces you to ask questions or evokes feelings for a character is one certainly worth reading. 

Caveats:  The book is for adults, due to adult situations I would not necessarily recommend this for young teens.

Overall Rating: 3.9/5


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