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Q: What is the BIGGEST word you've seen used in a book lately - that made you stop and look it up? Might as well leave the definition & book too.

 "Aztec" by Gray Jennings had me running to the dictionary and feeling like a grade school kid instead of a college student. An excellent and lengthy read featuring fun words like "promptitude"  and "adjuration" and "salacious" . But learning new words has always been one of my favorite parts or reading.

So get reading:

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Learning new words does make it fun!

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My anxious life

I love to look up words too!! I see I am in your blog roll... that is really an honor. I appreciate it more then you know!! Happy Reading!!! Here is my word: Angela's Anxious Life


The Readdicts

Oh, I love those words! I'm so glad I came across them on you blog. Like you, even I like finding new words while reading a book. ;)

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I sort of knew what these words meant, but I still had to look them up for the exact definitions. Great choices! :)

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Bookworm Mia

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Keely Anne

salacious ~ I like the way that word sounds.. great picks! *new follower*


Happy Reading :)

Lectus Read

Oh man! Now I have to grab my dictionary. I don't know the meaning of the last two!

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Hi, I'm a new follower through GFC =)
I feel really bad for not knowing the meanings of those words!

A.N. Lewis

Don't feel bad everyone. Grab the dictionary look up those words and then pretend you always knew them lol.

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Alison Can Read

Hopping through. I think the word out of those that I know is salacious.
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The only one I know is Salacious LOL.


Charlene C

Great words! I love learning new vocabulary too. :)

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