Let's Read It: Confessions Fact or Fiction

It’s a cliché to say that the truth is stranger than fiction, the truth has to work within the bonds to reality, but fiction can be anything we wish…

Teaser/Why you’ll love it: This book is an anthology of wonderfully talented writers.  Each story could easily work as a standalone. You’ll find yourself wanting to know more, as each tale varies in length and some end abruptly. Many of the accounts are personal tales, and the authors do an excellent job walking the line between fantasy and reality. Even though you’re aware that not all of the stories in the anthology are real, you’ll find yourself wondering about is each one. Considering that the stories are short, this anthology that can be enjoyed over a period of weeks. It’s an excellent choice someone that likes reading a little at time but also being thoroughly entertained.

One important thing to consider when reading this book: “Does your perception of the stories and the authors vary based upon which ones seem real and which seem contrived?” Stories like the ones presented in this anthology are sent to publishers every day, most are rejected as novels. However, it is often true that same story would be accepted is submitted as memoir or true story. Consider that when reading this book.

Did I like it?: Overall yes, I found each story engaging, some of them blended together seamlessly, others ended abruptly when I was looking for more. When I was reading, it was easy to forget that many of the accounts were not all real. In fact I had a difficult time discerning which of the authors wrote factual story and which were simply spinning a tale. The use of person narration works well in this anthology, and adds to the illusion of realism. After finishing the entire collection I still have no idea which stories were true, however that is part of the fun. I would both recommend and read this book again.

Caveats: None

Who’s it for:

·         Casual readers
·         Advent readers
·         All ages
·         Anthology/short story lovers

Overall Rating:  5/5


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