Let's Read It: Not Much of a Crime

An intricate tale of lies, manipulation and insatiability, “Not Much of a Crime” distorts the lines between integrity and corruption…


Allison King is an unexpected protagonist. Formerly known as Amy Goodlove one of the most successful adult film star’s of her era, Allison has grown into a smart, wealthy business owner. When a phantom stalker from her past reemerges to wreak havoc on her new life, Allison becomes tangled in world more perilous and shadowy than the set of any film… crime and politics. Not everyone in the once quiet city of Charleston is thrilled about King’s arrival and when her lobby for the rights of the adult industry in the city gets under the skin of a wealthy former senator, she finds herself entangled in murderous plot at the hands of two ruthless people. A strong woman not afraid of her questionable past, Allison fights back by running for town council. But holding her ground will not be so easy in the face of those with power, money and greed on their side. ..

Why you’ll love it:

“Not much of a Crime” is a carefully written and detailed drama. Its best aspect is by far its fantastic cast of characters, tough female leads which make the story rather than simple adhering to the typical “strong woman” motif. The story isn’t particularly new in its plotline which includes lies, money, and power are the basis of a million stories; this one however, can be listed as novel that gets it right. The “bad guys” are merciless and unwaveringly, and the heroine is clever, likable and quick on her feet. One can’t help but to root for her. “Not much of a Crime” is absolutely a classic in its use of plot twists, no one in Charleston is the person they seem to be, and the well placed turns make for an increasingly interesting journey.  An excellent mix of action and pace, the location, character development, and plot are spread beautifully over the length of the novel. “Not much of a crime” may have you headed to the suspense thriller section one more time.

Who’s it for:

·         Crime buffs and drama lovers
·         Adult fiction readers
·         Anyone looking an interesting lengthier read
·         Thriller/suspense aficionados

·         None

Overall rating: 4/5

Let's Read It: Trauma Junkie

A high speed medical drama thriller, "Trauma Junkie", plays out more like an episode of your favorite prime time show, than any typical novel…
         Protagonist Brian is a man down on his luck both in his love life and in his job. After four years he is still struggling with death of his infant child and a complicated divorce from his wife. Brian pours his efforts into the only thing he has left, his career as a paramedic responder. Unfortunately his tough exterior is a feeble shield from the tragedy that strikes unsuspecting New York citizens every day. The burden of saving a life is not so easy to bear when one can hardly manage their own.  His ex is moving on with another man, and living the life of late night emergency runs does little to quell the despondency of regret which plagues him. Just as Brian’s life seems to be headed for a full downward spiral, clever, spunky freelance reporter, Brooklyn enters the scene. The sweltering red head seems more than adequate to thaw Brian’s hard shell, and she may very well be the life altering event Brian never even knew he was waiting for…
Why you’ll love it:
“Trauma Junkie” isn’t a cautiously constructed medical drama. It’s gritty, realistic and unwavering. The author doesn’t try to mimic real life, the characters and situations are effortless. “Trauma Junkie” lacks medical jargon and flowery poetic detail; it makes up for those things with plot, action, and drama. The characters are easy to understand and their issues are easy to relate with. It effectively uses dialogue to portray the characters and present them to the reader. Perhaps most refreshing, “Trauma Junkie”, is deficient of overdone plot twists; the characters get where they’re going and the ending is fulfilling to the story and satisfying to the reader.   Perfect for someone just getting their feet wet in the in medical thriller genre. With no filler chapters or character padding, “Trauma Junkie”, does in a little over two hundred pages, what other books in this genre take twice the amount to accomplish.
Who’s it for:
·         Urban genre lovers
·         Medical drama beginners and diehards
·         Readers of all ages
·         Those who want a fast entertaining read
·         Profanity
·         Real life media references
·         “Urban” slang and dialogue

Overall Rating: 3.7/5

Get it here Trauma Junkie

10,000 word challenge today!

3,000 down, 7,000 to go, challenge ends at midnight. Any takers?
This Week's Question:

Q: Summer Reading. What was your favorite book that you were REQUIRED to read when you were in school?

As if I wasn't only fours years out of high school or something, I can't quite remember my required summer reading. The fact that I've read so many books doesn't help either. I do remember "Coming of Age", "Utopia" and "Dysfunction" being common themes of the books we read. Earnest Hemming, Ayn Rand, "Ellen Foster", "To Kill a Mockingbird" are some authors and books I remember specifically. 

It's going to take a while to get through this list, but I'll try to follow everyone. If you're one of my few followers already feel free to add yourself to this list, and re-post this on your blog, be sure to follow the hosts alisoncanread and parajunkee.

Reaching your daily, weekly, or monthly writing goal!

I've started writing Lucidity part 2 as you've already seen the except below. Part one was truly a labor or love. Some days I'd write 4,000 words others 800 and more often than not no words at all. This time around   I'm going to challenge myself to write consistently. The base goal being 1000 a day ( If I write more that's awesome) seeing that Lucidity installments are around 40,000 words I should be done in a 40 days or less.

Who's with me! Set your goal.

Except from Lucidity Pt 2

            It was just a little bit of color, red, then blue, and green, dancing all of them around in my head. My sister, Lyra, had been the first to follow the colors into the world of dreams, then Sadea after her. The two of them were children at the time, and my birth wasn’t even a theory yet. My mother, Kadja, had been raising the two girls on her own for eleven years when she learned of my conception.
           The result of a short lived romance with someone my grandmother described as a passing stranger. The meeting between him and me wouldn’t come about until my fifteenth birthday, upon which time he’d whisked me away to unknown land. Meraket is the name he chose for me before disappearing back to his own country.
           Lyra and Sadea eleven years my seniors didn’t coddle me in the manner I’d observed other older siblings doing in our village. My arrival was the end of their schooling days as the rearing of another offspring drained what little money my mother could acquire laboring in the fields, and sisters were forced to join her.
          Most days my grandmother kept watch over me, advising that I stay clear of “the strangers”. It wasn’t until I turned nine years old that it possible to find out exactly who these outsiders were. I’d seen their red and white trucks before at the village entrance. Neighbors and friends would line up beside them and return to their homes with food and medical supplies. Never had I’d seen my mother or sisters do this.
        “That’s because the last time she stood in that line she came back with you.”Lyra said, gripping my arm to keep me from moving any closer to the trucks.
         “With me, how?” I questioned.
        “She brought that man back,” Sadea interrupted. “And he left you.”
Exasperated with my futile attempts to escape her grip, Lyra abruptly let go of my arm. Sending me jettisoning forward which caused me to trip and skin my knee, blood oozed to the surface.
         “Don’t cry!” Sadea blared.  The two of them start to walk away.
          “Go ask them to help you,” She yelled from behind me.
 At the entrance of the village there were massive tents set up each one with a different line in front of it. There was no way to know where to stand; I couldn’t make out the markings on the signs. Upon reaching the front of my line a woman unlike any I’d ever seen before took my hand and bend down to my level.
         “What’s the matter dear, are you hungry?” She accent is stranger and her words are difficult for me to understand. Rather than try to respond, I point to my knee, where the blood has now already dried. She takes me inside the tent. There she seats me and returns with a red and white box. She dabs at my knee with wet white cotton, sending a stinging sensation through my leg.
         “Hold still now,” she says.
The pain is upsetting, but an odd object beside us holds my attention. The pale woman is in the object and right next to me at the same time.
         “You like the mirror huh,” she says. “Want to see it?”
She places it in my hands.
        “That’s you!” she exclaims.
My face, it was the first time I’d ever seen it. 

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