My Review Policy

*Currently  accepting new review requests.

I am open to review almost any book type. To request a review email, please put the phrase "review request" in the subject. Your email should include, title, general book information, a link to your website, and a picture of the book cover. If you would like a review you must send me a copy, I will not buy your book. If it is an ebook send it as an attachment in the email. If your ebook is free simply add a link.


  • I love indie authors and would happy to review your book
  • adult fiction
  • fantasy
  • sci-fi
  • crime
  • mystery
  • thrillers
  • suspense

If your book is not in one these genres please specify the genre in the email. 

No Vanity or promotional only reviews. 

My reviews are honest and I read for content, enjoyment level, and creativity. After reading and reviewing I will give the book an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest score. If I rate something less than 3 stars I will ask you if the would like a review published or not. I'm generally a pretty lenient reader with indie authors and my focus is not on grammar and formatting. If you haven't published your indie book yet and just want a beta read please put that in your email subject.  

Your review will appear on my blog 24 hours after it is completed and you will receive and email of notification.  I will review more than one book by the same author upon request. (Times are rough estimates, if I have many reviews to finish individuals ones may take a little longer, please be patient.) I may not review every book that is offered to me, though I will look at every one. During my down time I can turn out reviews pretty quickly, but when I get busy sometimes it may be several weeks before a review is posted. If it's been a while is your review has not been posted just shoot me a quick email. 


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