Let's Read It: "Disemblance"

“There are three worlds that we live in, fantasy, reality, and actuality, murder crosses between all three…”

 Teaser: Jason and Isaac Tanner are brothers, they don’t always get along, but there is one thing they can agree on. Their father is not the murderer known as the “Comfort Killer”.  The child of technological mastermind, Jason spends most of his young life living in the holographic world his father created. When their father is murdered, Jason, Isaac and their spunky next door neighbor Boston, are thrust into dire situation of life and death. Someone was trying to frame their father for murder and Jason is the next target. ..

Why You’ll Love It/Did I like it?:  I’m not an advent science fiction reader, but suspense thriller is one  of my absolute favorite genres. As introduction to either of these genres “Dissemblance” is an excellent addition. The novel is well written. The pace is a bit slow in the beginning, however this necessary to set up the intricate details of the scenario and gives the reader a chance to understand the respective characters.  When the story does pick up the pace it transforms into a real thriller. At times I had difficulty discerning whether Jason was in the real world or in the holographic reality. At some points it seems the like the main character is simply losing his mind, but that is truly part of the fun.  The author makes good use of dialogue, and gives the characters their voices rather than constantly narrating the story and I found this refreshing and enjoyable. Like most thrillers the novel has plot twists and turns, all of which work well. I liked that the author did not try to overwork the story with twists. Overall, I liked and enjoyed this novel.

Caveats: None

Who’s it for:

·         Casual readers
·         Advent readers
·         All ages
·         Suspense lovers
·         Science fictions readers

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


Shanae Branham

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