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What's the last book that made you cry?

For me that's "Life Without Summer" by Lynne Griffin


Tessa Gray's life changes forever when she loses her four-year-old daughter Abby in a hit-and-run accident outside her preschool. As she grapples with a terrible grief, made worse by the police's insistence that the case is unsolvable, she finds her only solace in Celia Reed, the grief counselor her husband's pushed her to see, and in the journal she's begun keeping, where she compulsively counts the "days without Abby" and maps out her plan for catching the driver who tore her family apart.
Celia struggles to keep Tessa from getting caught up in a bleak crusade for answers, but she finds that their sessions open the door to emotions she's spent years ignoring, forcing her to face the rising tensions in her own life-- her troubled teenage son, her alcoholic ex-husband, and her fragile new marriage. Celia soon begins to realize that she must come to terms with the tragic mistakes of her own past and the choices that have led her family to the brink of destruction.

Life Without Summer 
is a haunting portrait of two women whose lives converge unexpectedly when the answers one needs turn out to be the other's only chance for peace.

The scene that got me is when Tessa visits the kindergarten teacher who is in part responsible for her daughter's death. She failed to make sure that Abby stayed with class and that is how she ends up the victim of a hit and run. The teacher gives Tessa a tiny broken egg, the one Abby was holding when she died. It's very touching moment. Tessa is able to connect with the teacher through their shared pain even though Tessa is angry with her for her role in Abby's death. 


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I haven't heard of this but it sound like a tear jerker. You have a lovely blog btw :)

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I haven't read this title yet, but I'll add it to my list!

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Alise (Readers In Wonderland)

I haven't read this but I'll check it out. New GFC follower!

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I would have to say… Message In A Bottle made me cry, such a good and moving story…

"Life Without Summer" that is another book i wouldn't mind reading!

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im new to blogging too and i felt the same way. i didnt think anyone would send me a book to review. and now when they do i am a total fangirl ! i get so freakin happy! check out my FF *New Follower* ~ Katie @ Inkk

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