Let's Read It: Trauma Junkie

A high speed medical drama thriller, "Trauma Junkie", plays out more like an episode of your favorite prime time show, than any typical novel…
         Protagonist Brian is a man down on his luck both in his love life and in his job. After four years he is still struggling with death of his infant child and a complicated divorce from his wife. Brian pours his efforts into the only thing he has left, his career as a paramedic responder. Unfortunately his tough exterior is a feeble shield from the tragedy that strikes unsuspecting New York citizens every day. The burden of saving a life is not so easy to bear when one can hardly manage their own.  His ex is moving on with another man, and living the life of late night emergency runs does little to quell the despondency of regret which plagues him. Just as Brian’s life seems to be headed for a full downward spiral, clever, spunky freelance reporter, Brooklyn enters the scene. The sweltering red head seems more than adequate to thaw Brian’s hard shell, and she may very well be the life altering event Brian never even knew he was waiting for…
Why you’ll love it:
“Trauma Junkie” isn’t a cautiously constructed medical drama. It’s gritty, realistic and unwavering. The author doesn’t try to mimic real life, the characters and situations are effortless. “Trauma Junkie” lacks medical jargon and flowery poetic detail; it makes up for those things with plot, action, and drama. The characters are easy to understand and their issues are easy to relate with. It effectively uses dialogue to portray the characters and present them to the reader. Perhaps most refreshing, “Trauma Junkie”, is deficient of overdone plot twists; the characters get where they’re going and the ending is fulfilling to the story and satisfying to the reader.   Perfect for someone just getting their feet wet in the in medical thriller genre. With no filler chapters or character padding, “Trauma Junkie”, does in a little over two hundred pages, what other books in this genre take twice the amount to accomplish.
Who’s it for:
·         Urban genre lovers
·         Medical drama beginners and diehards
·         Readers of all ages
·         Those who want a fast entertaining read
·         Profanity
·         Real life media references
·         “Urban” slang and dialogue

Overall Rating: 3.7/5

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