Let's Read It: Not Much of a Crime

An intricate tale of lies, manipulation and insatiability, “Not Much of a Crime” distorts the lines between integrity and corruption…


Allison King is an unexpected protagonist. Formerly known as Amy Goodlove one of the most successful adult film star’s of her era, Allison has grown into a smart, wealthy business owner. When a phantom stalker from her past reemerges to wreak havoc on her new life, Allison becomes tangled in world more perilous and shadowy than the set of any film… crime and politics. Not everyone in the once quiet city of Charleston is thrilled about King’s arrival and when her lobby for the rights of the adult industry in the city gets under the skin of a wealthy former senator, she finds herself entangled in murderous plot at the hands of two ruthless people. A strong woman not afraid of her questionable past, Allison fights back by running for town council. But holding her ground will not be so easy in the face of those with power, money and greed on their side. ..

Why you’ll love it:

“Not much of a Crime” is a carefully written and detailed drama. Its best aspect is by far its fantastic cast of characters, tough female leads which make the story rather than simple adhering to the typical “strong woman” motif. The story isn’t particularly new in its plotline which includes lies, money, and power are the basis of a million stories; this one however, can be listed as novel that gets it right. The “bad guys” are merciless and unwaveringly, and the heroine is clever, likable and quick on her feet. One can’t help but to root for her. “Not much of a Crime” is absolutely a classic in its use of plot twists, no one in Charleston is the person they seem to be, and the well placed turns make for an increasingly interesting journey.  An excellent mix of action and pace, the location, character development, and plot are spread beautifully over the length of the novel. “Not much of a crime” may have you headed to the suspense thriller section one more time.

Who’s it for:

·         Crime buffs and drama lovers
·         Adult fiction readers
·         Anyone looking an interesting lengthier read
·         Thriller/suspense aficionados

·         None

Overall rating: 4/5


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