Spot Light: Red Sand By Ronan Cray

Teaser: Your cruise ship has sunk into cold unforgiving depths of the ocean. Nearly everyone on board has perished. But you are one of the lucky survivors moving slowly toward a nearby island. Or so you think. This is no ordinary island, and it is not the salvation you were hoping for as you drifted away from the wreckage of the Princess Anne. The inhabitants are far less than friendly and surviving your encounter with them will be far more daunting than escaping a watery grave. What you do now will determine your fate, but you'll have to hurry the fragile society around you is crumbling and a devastating hurricane is on the horizon.

Did I Like it: Yes! I think this an excellent adventure story, complete with betrayal, murder, and suspense. The story is carefully constructed with thrilling action scenes. This wasn't the first time a novel took me to a wayward island, but I enjoyed the author's spin on this theme.    What I liked best about this story is the action from start to finish. There are very few stagnant moments, and I think that works well this type of story. The characters are in danger, they face life threatening situations, and their decisions are crucial. There is a sense of urgency but the situations the characters are in leave them few options and this creates a constant tension between them. They won't all survive their ordeal, some will perish, others will be captives, but no one is going home.  I admit that I'm sucker for books with flowery detail. But I found the author's clear and concise writing style refreshing. In place of length description the author does a fantastic job of using dialogue to tell this story. Because of some of the language I recommend this book for teens or adults. 

Caveats: None

Overall Rating: 5/5

Who's it for?:

Adventure/action lovers
Suspense/ Thriller readers
General readers
Adult fiction readers.

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Thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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